Scores for each class are found by clicking on the links in the left column under 'Results Menu'. These links won't appear until racing starts each season.

Scoring in Clear Lake's Wednesday Night Sailboat Races is computed using Sailwave ( We will use a custom High Point Scoring. This method calculates the percentage of starting boats beaten.  ie second in a ten boat race scores 80 points. An example table for number of boats 3-16 will be  available in the menu on the left.

One Design Classes (currently C22, J22 J24) use no handicap system. First boat to finish is the winner. All handicap classes will use wind indexed US Sailing Portsmouth Yardstick ratings.  This rating method directly factors the elapsed time for the race to produce a corrected time.  As such, distances need not be measured.

The initial ratings for keelboats are obtained from U S Sailing's database, or other published sources.  Some ratings are converted from PHRF ratings using a formula obtained from US Sailing.  The ratings are wind-speed indexed, based on the absolutely archaic beaufort scale for wind speed.  For our purposes we will use the average windspeed measured at the committee boat unless the PRO determines otherwise such as a North wind where the committee boat is wind shadowed.  For practical purposes, the wind level will be either Very light, Normal, or Heavy. In 20 races last year it was Normal 15 times.

The corrected time = (elapsed time in seconds divided by the rating) times 100 or CT=ET*100/R

This may be obfuscated as follows.  Most of our races last an hour or so.  If I am in slow boat x with a rating in Normal air of Rslow racing against boat y with a rating in Normal air of Rfast how do I figure out where I am in the race? If my boat finishes in one hour, how much time will it take him?

If we tie, my CT=his CT or

My ET*100/Rslow =His ET*100/Rfast  rearrange that to My ET*Rfast/Rslow=His ET
(the 100s cancel)

Or for our one hour of sailing 60min*Rfast/Rslow=his time to tie me.  So if he is a second  behind that time I win. 

For a Capri 25 versus a J27 this becomes 60 *78.1/84.7=55min 19.5 sec or if the J 27 finishes 4 minutes and 39 seconds ahead of my Capri 25, I win. (60min-4 min 39 sec=55 min 21 sec, or 1.5 seconds too slow to tie me)

You could make a precalculated list of ratios for each competitor and each wind condition by looking up the ratings.  Then a little quick math at the end of the race tells you how you did. btw the initial ratings will be published.

HANDICAP ADJUSTMENT  We start each boat with a rating based on data obtained from US Sailing or published data from other areas. If such data is not available, the least favorable commonly used rating will be applied.  The Race Committee reserves the right to adjust handicaps at the end of each series.  Adjustment will be done on a consistent basis between boats, based on performance.  The RC also reserves the right to remove any race from the adjustment basis for all boats (widely variable wind, incidents between classes, or any other reason).  No handicap adjustment will exceed 1.5%/series or equivalent unless an initial rating is grossly incorrect. 

We may set the handicap for a new boat so unfavorably that it cannot win......  Once its performance is known, we may make a non-standard adjustment.  Sandbagging will not be tolerated.