Our preferred method of payment is using Regatta Network.  It is secure, easy, and leaves much better tracks than dirty old hundred dollar bills.  (Which we like too.)  They accept credit cards, paypal,etc.

And we do reluctantly accept checks, cash, money orders, hundred dollar bills, or direct money transfers.    Cash should be handed to John Lacy in person with some reminder so that he knows who gave it to him. Cash or checks should have some method of tracking what it is for, like  a note or memo space on a check giving the sail number. If you have registered!!!! on Regatta Network and have not paid, (SHAME), or you wish to pay for additional racing, like more nights, another series, etc, send us a note at "Contact us" (right menu), and request the paypal info.  The way Regatta Network is currently set up is awkward for adding payments.  

Other items go to


John Lacy c/o

Wednesday Night Races

P O Box 669

Seabrook, Tx 77586